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Outbound Appointment Scheduling

Gain an ever-ready, human-like AI colleague for phone-based sales & support with just a click.

Transform your client interactions with Pearl, our AI phone agent, capable of multitasking in real-time.

Pearl's conversations are human-like, ensuring customers feel valued and truly heard.

Deepen customer connections 24/7 with unlimited Pearls, maximizing call volume and efficiency for all businesses.

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Boost Business Interactions with
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NLPearl adapts to every industry's unique
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In this demonstration, Pearl engages a customer and successfully upsells by following her script. She also sends an email in real-time, allowing the client to sign electronically directly over the phone.

In this conversation, Pearl identifies the problem, connected through her API to the client’s system. Pearl prioritizes replacing the defective item and creates a ticket, all while reassuring the client.

In this typical conversation at NLPearl, Pearl identifies a problem and selects the right representative based on the client’s use case to schedule an appointment. Pearl accesses the medical center’s calendar to book the appointment and sends a confirmation text message at the end of the conversation.

In this conversation, Pearl reaches out to individuals to persuade them to vote for a political party. Pearl is familiar with objections and uses logical responses based on the situation. Once the client is convinced, Pearl sends an email with an invitation to the event.

In this demonstration, Pearl identifies the problem and resolves it using her script. This conversation is a demonstration. Spanish will be available soon.

Get ahead of the competition, stay up-to-date, And delegate your work. Create your Pearl, it will be your new employee(s), ready for any challenge.

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At its core, NLPearl introduces Pearl, a speaking and reacting agent, autonomous like a human on the phone, crafted for sales, support, and any type of phone interaction. Trained on millions of phone conversations, Pearl is the future of contact and call centers, embodying the next step in customer communication technology.
NLPearl offers an intuitive platform for creating and customizing your Pearl. You can add company-specific materials, making Pearl perfectly suited to your requirements.
You can use Pearl from anywhere in the world. Currently, Pearl operates primarily in the US market. However, we plan to expand our services to include support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish by August 2024, for both phone number allocation and agent language.
You can try Pearl for free by accessing our platform, where you can intuitively and easily create and customize your own Pearl.

Yes, NLPearl offers customized solutions for larger enterprises at special rates. Enterprises looking for a tailored AI strategy can reach out through this link to book a demo and access special rates.

The number of Pearls you can have simultaneously depends on your subscription tier, ranging from 1 to 4. For those needing more, our top plan allows adding additional agents at $100 per agent per month, infinitely, so you can scale as needed. Having multiple Pearls allows for having multiple agents and, consequently, simultaneous calls.
Yes, Pearl is primarily designed for inbound calls. That’s why when you subscribe, you receive a phone number. Once your Pearl is created on the platform, it will be associated with this phone number. You can place this number wherever you need according to your requirements. It will be your number with your Pearl.