AI Sales Agents: Future or Fantasy?

In a world where sales are the lifeblood of companies, there’s a constant search for innovative solutions to boost sales figures. The burning question of our time is whether artificial intelligence (AI) can effectively make sales. The answer is both yes and no.

When it comes to telesales, let’s consider a simple sale scenario where a salesperson follows a script, which they know by heart, alongside a ready list of Q&As for potential objections from prospects. In such repetitive cases, an AI system like Pearl could undoubtedly excel as a sales agent.

However, the sales landscape is far more complex than this. In more nuanced sales environments, empathy becomes a critical factor. This leads us to delve into the essence of artificial intelligence, which is designed to create the illusion of human interaction.

Regardless of how the machine processes information, the outcome is what truly matters. That said, defining empathy in a telephonic conversation is crucial. At NLPearl, constant efforts are underway to develop new models that bring AI closer to human-like interaction. This involves creating binary trees with models sequenced one after another to reach a decision.

The initial question such a model might consider is the gender of the prospect, or their tone of voice – are they happy, stressed, or angry? This opens up a multitude of possibilities.

However, we are not there yet, especially when it comes to complex B2B sales, such as an AI broker communicating with a bank. Yet, it’s only a matter of time before we achieve this milestone.

By David Sztern, CEO and Co-Founder at NLPearl

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