At its core, NLPearl introduces Pearl, a speaking and reacting agent, autonomous like a human on the phone, crafted for sales, support, and any type of phone interaction. Trained on millions of phone conversations, Pearl is the future of contact and call centers, embodying the next step in customer communication technology.
NLPearl offers an intuitive platform for creating and customizing your Pearl. You can add company-specific materials, making Pearl perfectly suited to your requirements.
You can use Pearl from anywhere in the world. Currently, Pearl operates primarily in the US market. However, we plan to expand our services to include support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish by August 2024, for both phone number allocation and agent language.
You can try Pearl for free by accessing our platform, where you can intuitively and easily create and customize your own Pearl.

Yes, NLPearl offers customized solutions for larger enterprises at special rates. Enterprises looking for a tailored AI strategy can reach out through this link to book a demo and access special rates.

The number of Pearls you can have simultaneously depends on your subscription tier, ranging from 1 to 4. For those needing more, our top plan allows adding additional agents at $100 per agent per month, infinitely, so you can scale as needed. Having multiple Pearls allows for having multiple agents and, consequently, simultaneous calls.
Yes, Pearl is primarily designed for inbound calls. That’s why when you subscribe, you receive a phone number. Once your Pearl is created on the platform, it will be associated with this phone number. You can place this number wherever you need according to your requirements. It will be your number with your Pearl.

Pricing FAQ

When you upgrade to a higher plan, the change takes effect immediately, providing you instant access to the enhanced features and allocations of the new plan. Additionally, the date of this upgrade becomes your new billing renewal date. This means that all future billing will be based on this updated date. Any additional agents or phone numbers you’ve purchased will also be recalculated on a pro-rata basis to align with the new billing cycle. This ensures that you’re billed fairly for the time used under each plan and that your subscription reflects your current needs accurately.

If you decide to downgrade your plan, the new lower-tier plan will commence at your next billing cycle. Your service features and costs will adjust to match the new plan from that date forward.
Additional agents or phone numbers are billed proportionally from the time of purchase until the next plan renewal date, with initial charges deducted from your credits. Subsequently, the monthly price for these additions is included with your plan’s monthly payment. If you cancel an additional service, it remains active until the anniversary of its purchase in the following month, with cancellations becoming irreversible after the subscription renewal date.
If you exceed the allocated free minutes, additional usage is charged against your credits. Your service continues until your credit debt hits 10% of your monthly plan fee. If this limit is reached, your campaigns will be blocked. To prevent service interruption, you can enable auto-recharge for credits or manually add credits as needed.

Suppose you are subscribed to the “”Pearl Starter”” plan at $19/month, and your billing cycle renews on the 1st of each month. On the 15th, you decide to upgrade to the “”Pearl Secretary”” plan, which costs $99/month.

When you upgrade on the 15th, the “”Pearl Secretary”” plan becomes active immediately, and your billing cycle adjusts to this new upgrade date. For the billing adjustment:

You’ve used the “”Pearl Starter”” plan for half of the current month. Since you paid $19 for the full month, you have an unused credit of approximately $9.50 for the latter half of the month.

From the 15th to the next month’s 15th (your new billing cycle), you’ll be on the “”Pearl Secretary”” plan. For the first half-month of “”Pearl Secretary,”” the cost is approximately $49.50 (half of $99).

The upgrade process involves crediting the unused portion of your “”Pearl Starter”” plan ($9.50) against the cost for the half-month of “”Pearl Secretary”” ($49.50), resulting in a prorated charge of $40 for the upgrade period.

Starting from the 15th, your new monthly billing cycle begins, and you will be charged the full amount of $99 for the “”Pearl Secretary”” plan on a monthly basis moving forward. Additionally, any extra agents or phone numbers you’ve purchased will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis to align with your new billing cycle.

Please note that the figures provided in this example are approximate and may vary based on the actual days in each month and the specific timing of your plan change.

When you initiate a cancellation, your subscription continues as normal until your next plan renewal date. No immediate changes occur to your service upon requesting cancellation. However, at the renewal date, your subscription will officially end, all active additional agents will be set to delete, and any remaining payments for additional agents or phone numbers will be charged. This ensures that you have access to your services until the end of the current billing period and provides clarity on final billing.
It depends on the tier, but normally, the counter resets to 0 the following month. The subscription is primarily there to maintain the servers’ proper functioning for your pearls.